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Esca doesn't realize he's walked through any door, at first, because the door to the peristyle at the Aquila Vila don't have doors, precisely. It takes Esca a moment to realize what's happened, and in that moment he walks into and onto a bed, of the softest quality he's ever encountered. The shift in perception shocks him further, and he turns, scaring and confused. An open door behind him leads back to the garden. But here... There are things to explore. Gently, he closes the door, and walks out.

The floor is soft under his feet, softer than fresh grass, and the air is pleasantly chilled like the best days at home. There are shining metal boxes open, but nothing happens when he walks inside, and eventually he finds stares that take him to identical rooms. None of the doors are locked, though it does take Esca some time to understand that one must twist the handle to open them.

He repeats this descent until he finds himself in a large room full of color and sound; multiple booths call out to him like sirens, and he is at once curious and skeptical. He wishes he had brought a sword. As is, in a shirt and braccae, he feels slightly exposed.

He climbs atop one of the nearest flashing booths, this one bright yellow and shouting about 'slots'. Crouching, he cups his hands around his mouth and calls out to allies. "Am I alone? Show yourself, friend! I mean no harm, and have naught which you could steal."
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Rusty still isn't sure how she got here--the door she'd opened was supposed to be to a supply closet, not a glittering hotel--but she's not about to complain. The huge crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling is like something out of a movie, and same with the marble floors and huge wooden front desks. Maybe you could see something like this in New York City, but she certainly hasn't before.

It's funny to think of being like a pioneer in a big, empty hotel, but that's what she feels like. Now more than ever, she's on her own, and she'll need her wits about her to figure things out. First things first: Don't hotels usually have restaurants? She might not be able to afford it, but she could offer to work for some food.

When she gets up to the restaurant floor, there's a buffet piled high with everything she's missed about America: great pots of baked beans, mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes, thick cuts of brisket and turkey, slices of apple pie with sugared crust, and more. Best of all, there's no price listed--to the contrary, the sign seems to indicate she doesn't have to pay at all. Rusty's too hungry to debate further; she piles up a plate with food and sits down to eat.
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So, yeah, like, this place has all sorts of things, more'n I thought there'd be of what I was looking for, but there ain't any people I seen yet. Anybody around out there? Me, I'll be in the cafe, I guess. I'm brilliant with burgers.
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[So long as Sebastian's here, he supposes he might as well see if he can find some kind of memento for Aziz, and a book seems like a great idea. Now if only he could get some service.] Hello? Excuse me, hello?
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Okay, here's what I've got.

• Clothes.
• Thompson.
• Colt one.
Someone's ridiculous Derringer. Actually, I'm not carrying that around in public.
• Colt two.
• BAR.
• New gun bag. Some nine-thousand-year-old thing came back from the dead long enough to eat my old one.
• Sandwiches.

Anyone else got any bright ideas? Evy, suggestions?
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[begin voice post]

[Murmured, nearly inaudible.] H--Horatio? The pain, it's--

[A long pause, marked with fumbling noises, and then a sharp intake of breath.] Lord, that's a grand spread--hm? [A beeping noise.] "Recording"? Recording what? [The sound of a few keys being hit, essentially at random.] What is this thing anyw--

[end voice post]

((ooc: Wakes up at a buffet with a laptop. SO MUCH FOOD. SO CONFUSING. Will get better at writing Archie when it's not midnight-thirty.))
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It's an event, or a curse day, or a crackplot, or whatever you wanna call it.

Characters can be age!reversed, starting now, ending at your choice. Who's affected? Also your choice. What age are they sent back to? Your choice again. Go crazy here, people, really.

When does it end? Ideally after today, but make it last as long as you need your character to be younger. You can have commentspam or 3rd person prose in the comments of this post, but please make separate posts with 1st person if you want them; just remember to add the 'what:event' tag to 'em.

Haaaave fun.
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[In several languages is a single message written out, before it is transmitted in English:]

To the HMS Allegiance: Man overboard.

That aside, I assume even from my gross lack of experience with the country that this is not New South Wales.
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This is the most spectacular movie set I've ever seen, RF! You've really outdone yourself.

[And then, glancing around her--]



((OOC: In the casino, a little confused and suspicious, uh.))
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Oh, this is so better than Cashman's.
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Did you know Elvis had a twin brother?

Testing, testing, one, two, three. I'm having that dream again, except this time I'm in a casino, and I have a laptop and a monkey instead of a tommy gun and my-- lady, uh. Friend. My lady friend. My friend who is also a lady.

Not that there's a second option.

Hey, did you know, when Viva Las Vegas came out, some tabloids took the pictures of the chaple scene and said Elvis and Ann-Margret'd really gotten married?

Did you Sammy Davis Jr is in Diamonds Are Forever?

Does anyone know where I am?