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It's an event, or a curse day, or a crackplot, or whatever you wanna call it.

Characters can be age!reversed, starting now, ending at your choice. Who's affected? Also your choice. What age are they sent back to? Your choice again. Go crazy here, people, really.

When does it end? Ideally after today, but make it last as long as you need your character to be younger. You can have commentspam or 3rd person prose in the comments of this post, but please make separate posts with 1st person if you want them; just remember to add the 'what:event' tag to 'em.

Haaaave fun.
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[In several languages is a single message written out, before it is transmitted in English:]

To the HMS Allegiance: Man overboard.

That aside, I assume even from my gross lack of experience with the country that this is not New South Wales.
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This is the most spectacular movie set I've ever seen, RF! You've really outdone yourself.

[And then, glancing around her--]



((OOC: In the casino, a little confused and suspicious, uh.))